James L. Paterek: What Past Trends Could Still Affect Staffing Today?

James Paterek: What Past Trends Could Still Affect Staffing Today?

James Paterek is a staffing professional with a deep understanding of this field’s history, its trends, and its potential. Unfortunately, he believes that some old trends have become so ingrained in the field that their usefulness has passed. And yet, few people are ready to admit this and move on from them. Thankfully, he recently discussed these issues to help make your staffing better.

Staffing Trends James L. Paterek Believes Still Affect the Field

While it is true that staffing has come a long way since it originated in the late 1890s, James Paterek still believes that it has a long way to go. That’s because old trends and concepts have become so ingrained into the procedure that they are hard to identify as a problem. However, he discovered a few of these concerns and believes that they can be eliminated or managed to boost the efficiency of your staffing.


For example, many staffing firms still have a tendency to ignore ethical and moral complications in a person’s history. By that, we mean that they don’t pay attention to a person’s belief systems and personality. While more companies are attempting to take these factors into account, fast-staffing firms often focus more on training and expertise, which, while obviously important, don’t tell the whole story.


And problematically, staffing firms still seem to focus on quick connections between employees and businesses, rather than taking the time to build a strong relationship between them. James Paterek believes that this mistake is severe because it can lead to a high turnover rate. Staffing agencies that do not focus on minimizing turnover follow the old trend of chasing pure employment numbers rather than retention rates, indicating more fully staffing success.


Retention is important because companies can spend thousands of dollars training replacement employees if they end up not fitting in well with a company’s culture. However, old-fashioned marketing and staffing ideas focus more heavily on fast employment, which often leads to questionable placement.


How can these old trends be avoided? James Paterek believes it is crucial to find a staffing firm that avoids such attitudes and concepts. Talk to them about these ideas to learn what they think. Try to discuss why you don’t want these trends for your facility and see if they can understand why you do not. Education is the only way to combat ignorance and is a powerful tool for your staffing needs.


Lastly, it is vital to replace these unhealthy behaviors with positive ones. In a sense, you are performing cognitive-behavioral therapy on your firm by teaching them how to understand this process better. While it won’t be immediate and may not always be smooth, this type of change will transform your company and make it more effective and efficient in no time.