About Me

James Paterek holds a prominent position in the staffing and consulting industry, making him a highly influential figure. Currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer of Millbrook Support Services, Inc., he is pivotal in assisting government agencies in their search for skilled healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and other specialists. Additionally, he serves as the CEO of Paterek & Company, a renowned organization that provides businesses with comprehensive staffing and consulting solutions.

Professional Experience and Achievements

Before his current roles, he founded COMFORCE Corporation, a company specializing in staffing, outsourcing, and financial services. Under his astute leadership, COMFORCE experienced unprecedented success, boasting a workforce of over 11,000 employees. Remarkably, the company emerged as the fastest-growing public staffing company for two consecutive years, witnessing an astounding revenue surge from $12 million to nearly $500 million within a mere two-year span. This remarkable financial growth was complemented by an operating profit of almost $31 million. Such outstanding achievements were made possible through strategic acquisitions and organic expansion.

Experience and Career History

With a wealth of experience in the business realm, James Paterek has proven himself as a seasoned professional. As the CEO of a company that successfully raised $300 million and acquired other enterprises generating $500 million in revenue, he has demonstrated his prowess in raising capital and effectively managing large-scale organizations. Furthermore, his expertise in acquisitions has resulted in securing over $600 million in funding for various companies. His profound knowledge and skills make him an invaluable asset to any business seeking success.

James Paterek’s contributions to the staffing and consulting industry are genuinely significant. His remarkable achievements and extensive experience testify to his ability to drive business growth and success. His expertise is invaluable, and much is to be learned from his accomplishments.

Vision and Determination

As a seasoned executive manager and leader with a wealth of experience in service-based businesses, his expertise extends to acquiring, financing, and integrating businesses, with an impressive track record of completing over twenty-eight acquisitions and raising over $600 million for investment in these ventures. Furthermore, James L. Paterek possesses a deep understanding of capital raising in the financial markets and adeptly manages public companies. His extensive background and accomplishments make him a highly sought-after professional in the industry.

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