James Paterek

Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Millbrook Support Services, Inc.

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James Paterek is a titan in Human Capital, with a sterling track record that speaks volumes of his prowess. As the Chief Operating Officer of Millbrook Support Services, Inc., he orchestrates a symphony of talent, connecting physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, and Allied Healthcare professionals with government agencies in need. His role here is pivotal, ensuring the seamless flow of healthcare personnel to where they are needed most.

In addition to his role at Millbrook, he is the visionary CEO of Paterek & Company, a private consultancy dedicated to the intricate world of Human Capital. His consultancy's focus spans the gamut, from staffing solutions to strategic outsourcing and shrewd consulting. With a finger on the pulse of this dynamic sector, he charts the course for his clients, guiding them toward success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

But James's journey is far from one-dimensional. In the annals of business history, he is celebrated as the founder and chairman of COMFORCE Corporation. This publicly traded juggernaut left an indelible mark on the staffing, outsourcing, and financial services sectors. During his tenure, COMFORCE soared to unparalleled heights, evolving from a $12 million enterprise into a behemoth with a net revenue nearing $500 million and a staggering gross system-wide income of $800 million. His leadership propelled COMFORCE to the zenith, earning the prestigious title of the fastest-growing public staffing company by SIA for two consecutive years. This meteoric rise was no accident; it was meticulously crafted through a blend of organic growth and strategic acquisitions, nearly a dozen in number.

Before his COMFORCE odyssey, James Paterek showcased his astute business acumen as the founder and CEO of a private holding investment firm. With a war chest of $300 million, he embarked on a journey of acquisitions, bringing together portfolio companies with combined annual revenues of $500 million. This was not just an exercise in financial magic but a testament to his ability to spot opportunities and unlock their potential.

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James Paterek

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