Business Executive James Paterek Offers Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Business Executive James Paterek Offers Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Business executive James Paterek recently offered marketing tips for small businesses.

Small businesses have been the backbone of America for decades. However, small businesses have been facing unprecedented challenges in recent years, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s now more important than ever that small businesses market effectively and affordably. Business executive James L. Paterek recently offered marketing tips for small businesses.

“Marketing is a necessary part of owning a small business, but one of the largest challenges is learning how to market affordably,” James Paterek said.

James L. Paterek explained that one of the most effective ways to market right now is through social media and other digital marketing venues. This is an extremely affordable way to reach a drastically larger market than print advertising. The year 2021 is the year to improve your small business’s online presence and engage customers with more content and opportunities to purchase products or services online.

“Small businesses need to work together in challenging times,” James L. Paterek added. “Partnering with other small businesses can boost sales for both of you.”

James L. Paterek stated that collaborations can be flexible, so it’s easy to choose one that works for both of you. James Paterek suggested the ideas of setting up a referral program, offering package deals with the other business, or creating a social media contest with items from each business. These are all ways to get your brand seen by customers already using similar products or services.

“Advertising your small business can be as simple as carrying business cards and handing them out whenever possible,” James L. Paterek said. “Business cards show that you’re professional and prepared, and that alone can give you an upper hand against the competition.”

James Paterek added that one of his most effective strategies for increasing small businesses’ revenue is proper networking. Business cards are an excellent start, but becoming involved in the local Chamber of Commerce, offering services for charity events, and taking part in other community activities will give your business a superior image while getting your brand or logo out in public too. Participating and building relationships can result in direct new business and referrals also.

“Be sure to offer incentives to individuals and businesses for referrals,” James Paterek said. “Knowing they’ll receive a 10-percent discount on their next invoice will encourage a client to pass your name on to friends and family.”

James Paterek finished by stating that growing your small business is all about advertising effectively without breaking the bank. The above strategies are all options that will cost your business next to nothing but could result in a serious boost in revenue.