James L. Paterek Discusses the History of Human Capital and Why it Is Important to Strategically Merge it With Strategic Human Resource Management

Business Executive James L. Paterek says properly assessing the skills of employees is key to increasing employee satisfaction and employee retention.   The notion that business leaders need to make an effort to learn more about the employees who work for them is nothing new. In fact, business leaders like James L. Paterek assert that […]

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James Paterek: A Leader Imparting Wisdom

James Paterek is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Millbrook Support Services, Inc. He and the company are located in the New York City metropolitan area. This is an SDVOSB (service-disabled veteran-owned small business). This business provides healthcare services to government agencies, as well as commercial clients all over the nation. They provide services to […]

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James Paterek Discusses the Importance of a Positive Corporate Culture

James Paterek recently discussed the importance of a positive corporate culture.   MANHASSET, NY / Employee job satisfaction can lead to higher profits, increased company growth, and superior employee retention. However, many managers and executives don’t fully understand the importance of creating a positive company culture. Business executive James Paterek recently discussed the importance of […]

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